6 February 2011

Weezy & Drizzy: Take Your Pick [video]

Just a small video blog of my Weezy & Drizzy footage from Miami and London respectively. I love my boys, yep yep,  I love my boys.

12 January 2011

Aiii Papiii I'm in Miamiii

I returned to the crazy town of Miami over Christmas/NYE and had myself a fabulous time. Met some great people, made some hilarious memories and drank lots of vodka/soda/limes. South Beach is very much an out of body experience; it's its own state, own country, own continent. A few pics to give you a taster

Urban Landscape SOBE Stylee

Just chillin'

Best tattoo I've seen

My boy Wayne. You know how we do

11 January 2011

Cut The Chat: The Ski Show [video]

When I was told we were going to host a ski special, I thought "wicked, I can finally show these guys what I'm made of. Being the 'professional' skier that I am..." Or was I? Check it out here. Probably the funniest show to date!!

24 December 2010

Essex's Eminem!! [video]

I was honoured to chat and interview the biggest of 2010's new artists, Devlin. We discuss his diabetes, Carol Vorderman and what 2011 has in store for him. Check it out here!!

Merry Christmas all!

12 December 2010

Hot Chocolate with Bluey Robinson [video]

I got to meet the gorgeous, talented rising star Bluey Robinson. Check out what he had to say about Tinie Tempah, signing to Sony, and dreadlocks here!

28 November 2010

Who's your idol? [video]

I got to meet the gorgeous editors of the online magazine, Idol. Such lovely, inspirational girls. Check out what they had to say.

12 November 2010

Like brother, like sister [video]

Look what happens when I interview top DJ/my big brother Sam Young. It gets emotional!

8 November 2010

You're fired... Or not? [video]

We interviewed The Apprentice winner and entrepreneur Tim Campbell on Cut The Chat. He spoke about making it as a businessman, winning the show and we even challenged him to a maths test! See who won... you'll be surprised!!

29 October 2010

Hannah Meets... [video]


If you don't know, then you know now!! DJ, entrepreneur, party animal and all round amazing guy.

Beirut Express

I was lucky enough to be whisked off to Beirut for a long weekend. Apart from delicious food, I was extremely mistaken about Lebanon. Beirut is considered the 'Paris of the Middle East'. It's very liberal with fantastic restaurants and bars, beautiful architecture, friendly people and hot weather. What more could you ask for?!

15 October 2010

Money Ain't A Thang [video]

What would you buy with all the money in the world? Check out some ideas here

In the words of JD & Jay Z...

In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes
With the top down screamin out, money ain't a thang

Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings
With the window cracked, holla back, money ain't a thang

Dun kno!

5 October 2010

Are you doing the right thing? A dating special [video]

I went out on the streets again to find out your top tips on do's and dont's when it comes to dating. Take note boys and girls!....

1 October 2010

Me, myself & I

I had some head shots and promo shots done...

Photography: Danny Young

Photography: Ithaka Roddam

29 September 2010

Need some top tips for dating? [video]

My segment on Cut the Chat follows me around London finding out your tips for day to day life. In the coming weeks, I'll be interviewing people you know and getting them to help me find out what you guys are saying...

Don't do this on a first date...
And if it all goes to flop, why not try online dating?

Cut the Chat [video]

This year I joined Cut the Chat, an online TV channel. Co-hosting with Damon, Femi, Littleman & Ace has been an absolute pleasure! Check it out here:  My first show

I've loved you so long

Mexico - London - Cape Town

Why go naked when you can wear fur?


Caroline & Webster