29 September 2010

Need some top tips for dating? [video]

My segment on Cut the Chat follows me around London finding out your tips for day to day life. In the coming weeks, I'll be interviewing people you know and getting them to help me find out what you guys are saying...

Don't do this on a first date...
And if it all goes to flop, why not try online dating?

Cut the Chat [video]

This year I joined Cut the Chat, an online TV channel. Co-hosting with Damon, Femi, Littleman & Ace has been an absolute pleasure! Check it out here:  My first show

I've loved you so long

Mexico - London - Cape Town

Why go naked when you can wear fur?


Caroline & Webster

So fresh so clean

This used to be a blog about thoughts and plans for world domination. However, things have altered slightly. This site is now a platform for my portfolio as a photographer as well as a presenter. I'll upload new shows and photography alongside each other to demonstrate my "master of all trades" outlook on life. Enjoy.